K12 Enterprise, LLC has introduced a number of enhancements for their K-12 financial management software that offer users a wide range of new benefits designed to increase the productivity of school administrators.

With point-and-click configurability, enterprise scalability, and easy interoperability to existing applications and databases, the updated K12 Enterprise software allows school system administrators to better manage finances, anticipate payroll responsibilities, comply with reporting requirements, and recruit and retain faculty and staff.

“The success of school administration is directly related to the success of its people,” says Andrew Fass, CEO of K12 Enterprise. “Faced with budget and resource constraints, school administrators need the foundational tools and capabilities that allow them to communicate quickly and cost-effectively with their school community, setting the stage for measureable improvements in daily work processes, cross-departmental collaboration, and employee efficiency.”

The updated version:
• Allows for a more streamlined and direct way to generate and receive bids;
• Simplifies the awarding of vendor contracts, automatically issuing and sending purchase orders to selected vendors;
• Allows for the quick reversal and correction of posted payroll information in cases where the earnings and subsequent deductions were allocated to incorrect accounts in the general ledger;
• Provides line-of-site and instant budget checking across the school district, enabling users to regularly monitor dollars spent and alter expenditures as necessary; and
• Permits annual encumbrances to be cleared in batches, instead of individually and manually, while allowing new encumbrances for the same items to be recreated en masse for the following fiscal year.

The ability to clear annual encumbrances in batches not only makes clearing the budget at the end of the school year easier and faster, but also enables school system administrators to instantly return money that had been set aside in anticipation of purchases to the general fund.

The enhanced version of K12 Enterprise also makes it easier to re-order supplies and materials for the next school year because it allows purchasing managers to see how many of each item – from pencils to basketballs – were needed in the current year and then adjust the order for the coming year.

Fass adds that because K12 Enterprise is a Microsoft product, “We leverage Microsoft’s technology to provide financial and human resources (HR) management software and upgrades that enable school systems to operate in the same way that profitable businesses operate. This kind of streamlined business management allows staff throughout the school business office to be more effective and spend more time on students and teachers.”

“By being more efficient and saving money, we can focus more resources on our mission to provide the best education possible,” notes Ray Kase, former Director of IT with Central Bucks (PA) School District.

Beyond the latest software enhancements, Fass notes that his company is developing a new user interface specifically for K-12 school districts. Built on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the new user interface will leverage Microsoft’s investment in R&D to create the most streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly version of the solution to date.

The new solution features a role-tailored client interface (RTC) specifically designed for K-12 school districts. The new user experience provided by the RTC represents an exciting and much-anticipated improvement in the way in which users interact with their ERP solution. It will help staff to organize, prioritize, and access their work, increasing productivity, effectiveness, and collaboration between departments.

About K12 Enterprise
K12 Enterprise is Microsoft’s leading enterprise-grade financial and human resource management software for K through 12 school systems. Built within Microsoft Dynamics, K12 Enterprise was created with the specific financial management, HR, payroll and state reporting functionality required by school systems.

K12 Enterprise provides software, implementation, consultation, training, and support directly and through its network of authorized Microsoft partners. Learn more at www.k12enterprise.com.

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