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SACRAMENTO, CA – June 7, 2011 – Pearson Virtual Learning powered by Florida Virtual School (Pearson/FLVS) is now an approved course provider for students seeking admission to schools in the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems. With this important recognition, the state’s more than six million students can successfully complete any approved online course from Pearson/FLVS with the assurance that it will prepare them to be successful when they matriculate at the ten UC and 23 CSU campuses.

The UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS), a committee of the university’s academic senate and faculty representatives from each campus, establishes the subject areas and pattern of courses required for minimum eligibility for freshman admission to these California public universities. Pearson/FLVS earned the group’s endorsement after a rigorous evaluation of its course offerings, research-base and instructional strategies. In the next step of the process, the company will submit each of its more than 100 individual courses for review and approval by the university. UC approval means the courses are academically challenging; involve substantial reading and writing; include problems and laboratory work, as appropriate; show serious attention to analytical thinking as well as factual content; and develop students’ oral and listening skills.

“Ensuring that all students graduate from high school prepared for success in college and careers is one of our highest priorities,” said Daniel Pier, Pearson’s Vice President for California. “This critically important recognition from the California public university system will open the door for students to take advantage of our research-based 21st century learning opportunities knowing that they will provide them with the knowledge and skills requisite to begin their college educations at campuses throughout the state.”

Pearson/FLVS online courses are available in all subject areas for grades 6-12 including advanced placement and career and technology courses will be aligned to the new Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics as well as individual state standards. Pearson/FLVS offers these courses to schools and districts through a number of flexible options, designed to meet their individual needs. The courses may be imported into a number of different popular learning management systems or Pearson/FLVS can host the courses for a school or district. Students can enroll in courses taught by Pearson/FLVS specially trained virtual teachers or the district can use its own teachers and prepare them for the new world of online instruction through the company’s professional development services.

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About Pearson Virtual Learning powered by Florida Virtual School
The global leader in online learning from school through professional and career training, Pearson offers the Pearson Virtual Learning powered by Florida Virtual School courses to middle and high school students across the U.S. As the exclusive global provider (outside of the state of Florida) of the nationally recognized and award-winning Florida Virtual School (FLVS) online courses, Pearson shares a vision with FLVS of transforming education for learners worldwide. With courses that are aligned to the new Common Core standards, as well as state standards, Pearson and FLVS are collaborating to deliver a high quality, technology-based education that provides the skills and knowledge students need for success in the 21st Century.

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