Web-based software addresses needs of higher education IT professionals with new real-time social features, ITSM integration and a redesigned project request workflow system

COLUMBUS, Ohio – June 14, 2011 – TeamDynamixHE today released version 7.1 of its web-based higher education project and portfolio management software. The latest software update focuses on improving the user experience with a customizable project request workflow system and social collaboration feeds integrated throughout the application. Version 7.1 also integrates TeamDynamixHE’s ticket management system (ITSM) with projects in portfolios. This release includes more than 40 new features, which current TeamDynamixHE SaaS customers automatically received today.

TeamDynamixHE’s Facebook-like status feed provides team members with a single-window view of progress made on all tickets, projects and tasks for the entire team, as well as the familiar ability to comment on and “Like” updates.

“With our new social feed, TeamDynamixHE 7.1 fully embraces the way that people like to work and interact with team members in today’s social media-influenced world,” said Andrew Graf, principal analyst with TeamDynamixHE. “Integrating commonly used social networking features within our PPM software provides users with a working environment they are familiar with, increasing user adoption and enhancing usability of our PPM application. We also understand that while there are some commonalities amongst our users, every organization works a little differently when it comes to project management, project requests and workflow. With the ongoing help of our advisory council made up of industry leaders, we continue to develop a system that works seamlessly within higher education environments and provides the flexibility that our users need.”

Among the key new features in TeamDynamixHE 7.1 are the following:
• Tickets in Portfolios: TeamDynamixHE portfolios, which previously allowed users to group projects together and set high‐level budgets, can now include tickets based on a specific ticket profile. Any ticket attribute can be used to build this portfolio ticket profile, including status, account, creator responsibility and data range.
• Social Project Management Feeds: New collaborative social feed allows users to quickly see all updates related to their work and team members’ work, including tasks, project status, issues and comments.
• Flexible and Customizable Workflow System: Revised workflow request system allows the creation of multiple custom workflows and access control for workflow steps.
• Real-time Views Into Resources: Highlighted rows in project plans allow managers to see what tasks, tickets and issues resources are working on in real-time

“It’s rare that end-users have such a hands-on impact on a vendor’s product development efforts, but from its inception, TeamDynamixHE has taken a unique approach to working with its customers,” said Dianne Brotherson, systems analyst at Iowa State University. “The Project Request Workflow system in version 7.1 was designed in conjunction with TAC feedback, based on the real-world needs and feedback from colleges and universities using the product. The TeamDynamixHE Advisory Council helps to review and prioritize these needs to help the company deliver features that industry will use. It’s a relationship that has helped TeamDynamixHE deliver a better product while providing the industry with a focused and targeted solution.”

Graf added, “There is a reason why more colleges and universities depend on TeamDynamixHE’s software than any other PPM solution, and that is because we have always listened to the people using the application. The people that manage projects on campuses across the country have our ear, which is further evidenced by the redesign of our new workflow request system; a project led by our advisory council. Many of the changes we make to our software are driven by the people who drive projects on campus, and as a result, the entire higher education market benefits.”

Colleges and universities interested in learning more about TeamDynamixHE 7.1 can visit www.teamdynamixhe.com.

About TeamDynamixHE
TeamDynamixHE is the leading provider of Web-based project and portfolio management solutions for the Higher Education market. The company’s suite of project tracking, reporting and portfolio management software provides the work tools and environment necessary for successful project management and delivery, in addition to project and portfolio management and planning, IT governance, resource management, helpdesk ticketing, time and expense tracking and knowledge management. TeamDynamixHE is currently used by a number of leading colleges and universities, including The Ohio State University, Virginia Tech University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbus State Community College, Syracuse University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Franklin University. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit www.TeamDynamixHE.com.

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