STEVENS POINT, WI – June 13, 2011 – Skyward, Inc., an industry leading K-12 school administration software provider, is pleased to announce that its users comprised nearly 60 percent of the 322 Wisconsin school districts that met the state’s Coursework Completion (CWCS) May 23 submission deadline. According to a list released by the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction, 181 Skyward districts fulfilled the new reporting requirement by the original spring deadline. Wisconsin’s CWCS data compliance measure is part of a much larger effort to gather standardized student longitudinal data, in order to better facilitate local and state level education decision-making, as well as to meet federal requirements. Skyward’s state reporting team began working with Wisconsin districts in November 2010 to aid schools in meeting the new reporting requirement.

“With each new state or federal reporting requirement, our team of reporting experts provides informational tools such as webinars, mailings and publications in order to inform and help implement the data collection for our districts,” said Amber Mocadlo, Skyward Customer Service Team Manager. “The webinars are free for any district when new systems are being implemented into a state. They usually include how-to’s, best practices and a Q & A session–whatever we need to do in order for our customers to be able to understand the new requirement.”

The Wisconsin CWCS K3-12 data collection began as part of the requirements prescribed by the federal government for recipients of State Fiscal Stabilization Funding (SFSF). Through the SFSF program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the U.S. Department of Education awarded governors $48.6 billion “in exchange for a commitment to advance essential education reforms to benefit students from early learning through post-secondary education,” as stated on the U.S DOE Web site. As a condition of receiving SFSF, states committed to support the American COMPETES Act provision to create P-16 state education data systems. The provision asked districts to collect and report on 12 data elements in an effort to improve student longitudinal systems that will help make for stronger educational policy decision making, and, therefore, improve student achievement. Although data element interpretations and compliance deadlines vary by state, all fifty states have a singular goal of collecting and reporting on the 12 data elements by September 2011.

Wisconsin’s CWCS reporting requirement specifically fulfills two of the twelve data elements: “A teacher identifier system with the ability to match teachers to students;” and “Student-level transcript information, including information on courses completed and grades earned.” The original May 23 CWCS compliance deadline was inevitably extended to May 31. Success in meeting the deadlines could have beneficial funding implications for those districts, and could also affect education funding for the state as a whole. In the near future, districts in all fifty states must also be in compliance with this reporting requirement. Those that are not, risk potential state or federal funding losses.

“I can’t imagine how I would have even begun to start this without our Skyward system,” said Ruth Brown, Boscobel High School Secretary. “We started by running a report and just went into my system and one-by-one put in a code for every course. And then of course when that was all done, every course was graded, and every course already had sections because our course master was already set up. Then all I had to do was go into the report portion of the CWCS through Skyward and run the report.”

For more information on Skyward support and management of CWCS compliance or other state reporting requirements in your area please visit us at or contact us at 800-236-7274.

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