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Phoenix, Ariz. – June 16, 2011 – Here’s the answer for preventing students’ infamous summer slide or brain drain and reinforcing those math skills learned during the school year. A new on-the-go iPad app, SuccessMaker Speed Games, from the education services and technology company Pearson, capitalizes on mobile technology to enable anytime and anywhere practice of basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

While kids continue to work to perfect their gaming skills during the dog days of summer, they can download SuccessMaker Speed Games and check math facts, create individual avatars, collect rewards, avoid penalties, and compete against other users through a leader board.

SuccessMaker Speed Games on the iPad is the answer for teachers and parents looking for accessible, dynamic math practice all summer long. To ensure as many students as possible can continue their learning and enter the new school year prepared, Pearson is offering the app for free until September 30th. “If their parent has an iPad, you can bet that the kids are using them too. So this anytime, anywhere access to math will reinforce their skills throughout the summer and ensure they are ready to jump right in to new learning when they go back to school,” said Bob Roliardi, President of Pearson Digital Learning.

Speed Games offers 48 levels of game play, each focused on a unique math operation and number set—and all built on educational research that shows the automatic recall of basic information is vital to ensure continued progress toward more complex learning challenges.

One reviewer commented on iTunes, “This is such a great app! My seven-year old loves Speed Games on SuccessMaker. I’m excited that she will be playing a game that is helping build her Math skills.”

Speed Games is aimed at kids in grades one through six, but is appropriate for anyone looking to sharpen their basic math skills. On September 30th, the iPad app will return to its set price of $1.99. Until then, the app can be downloaded for free at

See the app in action here:!/video/video.php?v=1772165951033&comments&notif_t=video_reply.

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