Grant-funded training helps teachers acclimate to classroom and motivates students to learn

Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers help address the need of employers looking for qualified and skilled workers by getting today’s students ready for tomorrow’s jobs. Bringing years of experience to the classroom, these professionals provide students the opportunity to learn through contextual and real-world applications. To assist these teaching novices in becoming effective teachers, the State of California has funded an onsite training program as well as a free online professional development program through their SB 70 funds.

CTE TEACH is a professional development program designed by the Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program (CRY ROP) with CTE teachers in mind, and is the first statewide CTE professional development program in California. Research shows that excellent teachers have an immediate positive effect on the classroom. When teachers motivate students, dropout rates go down and grades go up. And although the program was designed with CTE teachers and curriculum in mind, the program can be adapted for use by all content teachers because it is aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

CTE TEACH uses three strategies to support both new and veteran teachers:
• An online early orientation program
• An online professional development program
• A teacher induction and professional development program

CRY ROP and CTE TEACH developed the free online program in response to the needs of industry professionals who are entering the classroom as inexperienced teachers. The program’s goal is to support CTE professionals as they become highly effective teachers, creating positive and rigorous learning environments for all students. The teacher induction and support program provides mentor training for teachers and the funding from SB70 allows CRY ROP to offer the program at no cost to the teachers or their districts.

So far, there are 29 pilot sites throughout the state implementing CTE TEACH on their school sites. Regional Occupational Centers and Programs, as well as school districts, charter schools, adult education and community colleges around the state, are all encouraged to utilize this easily accessible resource. As part of the support offered to the pilot sites, administrator and mentor teacher training, curriculum material both online and print form, and ongoing networking opportunities are available.

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