Could your school utilize Facebook-type networking without the risks that your pupils might face in an uncontrolled network?

We have a solution that allows safe, secure networking within your school community, providing opportunities for groups of pupils to learn by sharing ideas and exchanging information. We think there are many reasons why schools and companies should embrace internal social networking.

Student Jotter is a web-based e-portfolio system which provides a versatile alternative to a physical portfolio of work. Students have access from home, school or anywhere they can connect to the Internet, and the system allows networking between students within the same school or district – promoting collaborative learning and allowing them to discuss work with their peers.

The social networking aspects of Student Jotter promote communication between students, encouraging discussion and enabling them to support each other’s learning. Students can build a network of “friends” within their school and leave comments on their classmates work.

Student Jotter gives students ownership of their work, which gives them a reason to keep logging on. Its engaging design, customizable pages, colorful themes, and a range of drag and drop add ons let students personalize their portfolio to reflect their personality.

Students can log on from anywhere with an Internet connection, making all of their work and achievements portable and accessible. Over time, students build a collection that can be taken from elementary to high school and beyond.

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