New PBS resource could help advance digital learning

The pieces are all aligned with the Common Core State Standards and created specifically for use with PBS LearningMedia.

“These are resources that have been vetted by educators, and unlike archives that are simply collections of resources that have been developed for other purposes, these have been keyed to specific teaching needs,” Korf said.

The network is meant to connect teachers to digital learning aids that are complementary to their curriculum.

“It is a supplemental product; it’s not designed to be the curriculum. It’s designed to be the media which drives and supports the curriculum,” Lippincott said.

“It’s also meant to be suggestive and not prescriptive,” Korf added. “Different states have different needs. … This is meant to support the whole range of curricular agendas at different state levels and to allow for a degree of localization and customization by teachers, by school districts, and by states.”

The free service allows educators to search for any keyword, standard, topic, or grade level and use the content they find in the classroom. The premium service, which adds a fee, allows for greater customization and enhanced features.

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