Edmodo Teacher Profiles Help Educators Connect and Collaborate

New updates enable educators to create public profile pages and connect through mobile devices

San Mateo, Calif. (June 27, 2011) – Edmodo, the free and secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools, is pleased to offer educators new ways to share expertise and showcase their professional experiences through its new teacher profiles. The new teacher profiles provide educators with a permanent space to connect with peers and the larger education community.

Educators can now add unique features to their Edmodo profiles, including their school and educational experience, teaching philosophy, interests and favorite content or resources. In addition, educators are able to create a personal URL that will allow them to easily share their profile publicly with peers.

“We live in a connected world and our goal is to provide teachers with the tools they need to collaborate not only with their colleague across the hall, but with their peers across the globe,” says Nic Borg, CEO and co-Founder of Edmodo. “Teacher profiles make it easier for educators to find each other, make professional connections and expand personal learning networks, which are all critical to the teaching and learning process.”

As educators are looking to connect with each other through Edmodo Communities and other online channels, teacher profiles will allow them to create their own branded page and share relevant information about themselves. In addition, connecting offline at education conferences and other professional events will be easier through Edmodo’s mobile website and updated iPhone and Android apps. The apps now include built-in BumpTM functionality, allowing teachers to instantly connect through bumping their mobile devices.

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