SK Telecom Debuts T Smart Learning in the Global Market;
Unveils Innovative Mobile Learning Platform at ISTE 2011

New T Smart Learning Application Empowers Student-Driven Learning

SEOUL, June 27, 2011 – SK Telecom will unveil its new learning platform, T Smart Learning, today at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia (booth #2331). T Smart Learning is a mobile platform that will empower students by offering online and integrated tools that prioritize coursework, set goals, manage schedules, organize study groups, find tutor support, improve skill sets, and provide supplemental coursework to dynamically change learning and actively engage students in the process.

Designed to support classroom coursework and connect students with their peers, teachers and parents, T Smart Learning is a smart device for students to rapidly download and share educational content and learnings. Students are able to leverage the academic and goal management applications to balance studies and manage their schedules. This smart device empowers students to learn in a proactive and engaging manner which ultimately cultivates self-imposed learning habits that increase study effectiveness.

“We developed T Smart Learning to provide a more individual and customized learning experience to sustain motivation,” said Senior Vice President of Industry Productivity Enhancement (IPE) Business at SK Telecom Yook Tae-Sun. “T Smart Learning was developed to incorporate effective study and learning management programs that provide students with access to additional content and engage them more personally in their learning experience.”

T Smart Learning mobile technologies allow parents to check their children’s academic performance and learning progress through real-time access over the Internet to gain helpful information on how to assist their children in the overall learning process. Accurate analysis of students’ needs, learning orientation and preference are provided to parents and teachers to assist students.

As a leading mobile provider in South Korea with strengths in technology, SK Telecom saw an opportunity to develop a smart device-based education tool for the education industry. SK Telecom will launch the T Smart Learning technology in July 2011, and offer English and math courses in partnership with after-school learning institutes. At the same time, the company will continuously strive to build world-class technological expertise and establish a strong foundation for the expansion of its global e-learning business by forging partnerships with overseas educational content providers targeting countries that learn English as a second language such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey.

T Smart Learning Capabilities

• Personal Learning Management – With T Smart Learning, students can receive continued individual assessment, evaluation and feedback throughout their coursework, allowing for personalized and integrated learning. Utilizing mobile technologies, the Tablet PC is linked to a main server that manages and tracks the progress of the student’s study after the completion of each lesson. The data acquired from the student’s various e-workbook activities allows the program to identify and analyze the student’s progress.

• Smart Learning Support Tools – Elementary and middle school students can use features like review notes, smart notes, dictionary, and vocabulary boxes to complement a comprehensive learning experience. Features like smart notes allow students to “write on” or “mark” their digital workbooks with necessary notes to help their study. Dictionary and vocabulary boxes provide an easy way to study and memorize new vocabulary and expressions.

• Background Knowledge Network – T Smart Learning provides a devoted online store called Library, where students can easily access a wide variety of coursework and supplementary study materials. The Library provides various content such as reference books, practice exercises, supplementary textbooks, e-books, e-magazines, news articles music and movies, that can aide students’ study. It also suggests the most appropriate learning material for each student based on the individual student’s needs and goals.

• Online Support Community – The connectivity of the smart device also allows students to meet online with other students to share study tips through a knowledge sharing system. This collaborative study is expected to generate motivation and cultivate self-imposed learning habits in students. The platform even allows students to receive active feedback from tutors and parents providing an online support network through constant mentoring and learning management.

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