Stoneware Announces LanSchool Acquisition

Classroom management software to enter the era of private cloud computing

June 27, 2011, Philadelphia, PA—Stoneware, Inc., the leader in cloud delivery technologies, announced today that it is acquiring LanSchool Technologies, the leading provider of cross-platform classroom management software. By acquiring LanSchool, Stoneware will extend its offerings to be able to provide customers just-in-time management in a BYOD or 1:1 environment. Together, Stoneware and LanSchool will bring the power of cloud computing directly into the classroom.

“The decision to acquire LanSchool is based on two factors. First, their ability to deliver functionality into a key segment of our customer base,” said Rick German, CEO and founder of Stoneware. “By leveraging webNetwork and LanSchool, our customers will be able to accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies in the education space. Stoneware understands the value of classroom management, and LanSchool is the de facto winner in that market. With this acquisition, we will be able to revolutionize the 21st century classroom and deliver a consistent learning experience from the client to the cloud. ”

“Second, the explosion of mobile devices and Bring Your Own Device initiatives across all verticals is driving the need for on-demand management solutions. This solution will not just allow management of the device, but will also provide context-aware services to that device. This will allow users to experience cloud-based resources in the context of the device they are using, allowing for a richer experience.”

LanSchool has led the way in education for classroom management, giving teachers a way to capitalize on the technology that their institutions have put into their teaching environments. Stoneware allows users to deploy their own private cloud and access it via a desktop built in a browser. This technology allows students entering a classroom with their own device to instantly join the class network, and have their device managed by LanSchool.

“Increasingly, schools want to empower students to bring their own mobile computing devices to class,” said Dana Doggett, President and Founder of LanSchool. “With greater device management from LanSchool and the ability to create private cloud networks by Stoneware, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement in education can now rapidly get underway.”
Stoneware’s webNetwork private/hybrid cloud solution focuses on web-based delivery of data center resources. Windows, web, and hosted web applications can be securely delivered through a desktop capable of running on any device with a browser. Stoneware’s cloud technology has been deployed in over 400 customer data centers with more than 4 million users, many in the K12 space.

LanSchool will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary of Stoneware. Stoneware will support existing LanSchool customers and plans to invest and enhance LanSchool’s products and offerings.

About Stoneware

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Stoneware is a privately held corporation providing innovative software that enables organizations to deploy their own private cloud and the virtual web desktop to access it. For more information about Stoneware and its products, visit, or call 888-473-9485.

About LanSchool Technologies, LLC

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, LanSchool is a leading provider of classroom management solutions for K12, higher education, government and corporate training markets. For 25 years, LanSchool has enabled tens of thousands of teachers, professors and trainers to improve the learning in their classrooms. Visit or by calling 877-370-5546.

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