Ignite! Learning Enters into Strategic Alliance with EDUSPARK

AUSTIN, TX, July 5, 2011 – Ignite! Learning has entered into a strategic alliance with EDUSPARK, Inc. (EDUSPARK), joining sales, product development, and marketing services to offer a new suite of digital learning applications targeting Spanish heritage dual language and bilingual classrooms.

“EDUSPARK has long been a leader in the production of literacy development programs in Mexico that integrate with existing classroom technology, build teachers’ content capacity and promote students’ critical thinking and, now with our assistance, will be enhancing these proven resources for the U.S. market to help support local standards-based instruction by advancing language acquisition and proficiency priorities for Spanish heritage speaking student populations,” remarks Ignite! CEO Ken Leonard.

The partnership highlights the core strengths of both organizations. Ignite! has demonstrated unparalleled ability to create easy-to-use teacher-led digital content based instructional systems that integrate common classroom technology, inspire active student engagement, and flexibly align to state, Common Core, and local standards. EDUSPARK brings a proven research-based instructional program that has been shown to boost literacy rates in Spanish and English for students Pre-K through 8th grade.

The new product suite combines multimedia and print instructional materials, formative assessments, integration of local, state, and Common Core standards, and innovative new classroom delivery platforms.

“We are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Ignite! and be able to leverage their market intelligence, sales knowhow and development expertise for the betterment of our bilingual teaching and learning solution,” states EDUSPARK CEO Laura Machuca.

The first jointly produced products from this strategic alliance will be introduced to U.S. school districts this fall.

EDUSPARK is an international provider of a brain-based PreK-3 dual language, digital content solution designed to empower teachers and students through accelerating language acquisition, academic vocabulary fluency and concept comprehension seamlessly in both English and Spanish. EDUSPARK offers Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, Health and Music subject matter specific digital content comprised of animated movies, songs and interactive activities, each designed to bring joy to learning for Spanish heritage speaking, limited English proficient student populations. EDUSPARK helps Spanish-speaking ELL students achieve success in school and in life starting from early childhood education concept and language introduction. For more information, contact us at (877) 329-3464, sales@eduspark.com or visit www.eduspark.com.

Ignite! Learning is the leading middle school digital content solution focusing on motivating hard-to-reach learners and enhancing local standards-based instruction. Their interactive Math, Science, Social Studies, and Special Education solutions are available for all 50 states, across Grades 4-8. Ignite! Learning targets lasting middle school progress with interactive materials designed to state, local, subject, and grade-level priorities that integrate with existing technology, support classroom instruction, and promote critical thinking. Ignite! serves more than 1 million students in middle school classrooms across the country. For more information, contact us at (866) 464-4648, sales@ignitelearning.com, or visit www.ignitelearning.com.

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