Indianapolis, IN June 27, 2011 – The North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS) has selected the Epsilen engagement management system to drive 21st century teaching, and enable its member schools to collaborate and share resources in support of student success.

NCAIS is a state association comprised of 87 independent member schools. It is the only independent school association that offers a model (NCAIS Virtual) for both online resources and virtual education professional development opportunities. The Epsilen engagement management system will be NCAIS Virtual’s globally-networked platform for the development and use of educational materials and exchange of ideas. The system provides an innovative learning community that wraps around learning management tools, ePortfolios with lifelong access, global networking capabilities, assessment capabilities, and access to The New York Times Content Repository.

“The Epsilen system will foster 21st century teaching in our schools, and enable our members to share resources and content in ways that they never envisioned,” said Linda S. Nelson, executive director, NCAIS. “The new environment will allow our schools to stay highly connected and to collaborate to address the challenges students and teachers face as citizens in today’s global world.”

The comprehensive feature set within the Epsilen system was a significant factor in the Association’s decision to license the product. In addition, Epsilen will provide the resources, hosting, integration, training, and support needed to support the Association’s success as it continues to grow.

“Epsilen provides the most comprehensive and innovative learning community platform available,” said Ms. Nelson. “It will support our goal of strengthening the quality and sustainability of our schools as we continue to grow.”

“We applaud NCAIS for its leadership in independent education, and for looking to Epsilen to be a part of their overarching strategy for meeting the needs of educators and students,” said Evan Nisonson, Ph.D., CEO, Epsilen. “The Epsilen system will make it possible for their large member base to connect and share resources, as well bring leading engagement tools to their classrooms in support of increased learner effectiveness. We look forward to supporting their continued success.”

Recently, NCAIS expanded access to NCAIS Virtual to the regional and national independent school market, co-branding the consortium as the Virtual Independent School Network (VISNET.) The Association expects participation in the virtual consortium to increase considerably as a result.

About Epsilen, LLC
Serving educators and students in over 600 institutions worldwide, the Epsilen Environment is a hosted online eLearning solution that focuses on learner engagement and the teaching and learning experience. It situates a robust set of learning tools within a learning community, offering the advantages of both. Additionally, Epsilen offers clients exclusive access to The New York Times Content Repository, a rich collection of digital resources and learning objects. Epsilen is majority owned by The New York Times Company.

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