Readers: Here’s how we’d change ESEA

6. Distribute federal funding more equitably to private schools.

“Since the ESEA funding is determined by the total (public and private) enrollment within an LEA (Local Education Authority), I’d like to see language in ESEA which would allow private school students to participate equitably in the funding allocation before the LEA reallocates funds to other programs that exclude participation of private school students.” —Tom Butler, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Stockton, California

7. Incorporate 21st-century needs and strategies.

“Revamp accountability to include cumulative formative assessments, including project-based learning options, and allow for professional development for preK teachers/administrators through higher-education professors—this is a critical, key component in terms of time and funding. Also, place a technology and global emphasis that are melded consistently as non-negotiable requirements for instruction at all grade levels.” —Dr. Jan Jones, VIA Associates Inc., Educational Consulting Services

8. Just start over.

“Instead of raising achievement levels, [NCLB] has lowered expectations, especially for high-ability students. It is a huge and crushing unfunded mandate. It has forced schools to teach to the test, even though they deny it. It has marginalized science, social studies, and arts education. What is there to like about it? Even Diane Ravitch, one of NCLB’s greatest champions, has reconsidered her position. There is not one change, but several that I would like to see. But perhaps it would be simpler to scrap the whole thing and start over.” —Julia Famularo

eSchool News Staff

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