State College, Pennsylvania, July 7, 2011 – Schoolwires is introducing Schoolwires PassKey Manager, an enterprise single sign-on(SSO) management solution for K-12 school districts, designed to drive adoption and utilization of district technologies, increasing the value of existing technology investments while reducing the workload of IT staff.

Schoolwires PassKey Manager provides a single sign-on framework for users to safely and securely access designated web-based applications through a district’s Centricity™ or Centricity2™ web platform. In addition to the framework, PassKey Manager includes a library of pre-configured SSO “PassKeys” that give individuals streamlined and secure access from the district’s web platform to their personal library of web applications, such as email, SIS portals, gradebooks, and much more without having to remember and re-enter multiple credentials. Removing the barrier of multiple passwords makes it easier for users to access a district’s web applications, increasing the likelihood of their usage and the district’s return on investment. This streamlined access also reduces the workload of IT staff; help desk costs associated with resetting end-user’s forgotten passwords are decreased significantly. Users can easily access many of their applications anytime, anywhere from their laptop, desktop and mobile devices.

A PassKey Manager wizard makes it easy for districts to create additional PassKeys for many third-party web-based services and online solutions, delivering seamless access to the district’s designated online services without incurring additional costs for hardware, software licenses, or custom development services and without being dependent upon a vendor’s pre-determined partnerships or fee structures. Districts can create and control the distribution of PassKeys for web applications, typically assigning access rights based on users’ roles and approved district policy. By controlling the designation and distribution of PassKeys, districts can provide controlled access for limited groups, like teachers, to select web applications such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

”With a single application, we are addressing three challenges for school districts,” said Christiane Crawford, President and Chief Executive Officer, Schoolwires. “First, we are helping districts increase the value of their existing technology investments by driving stronger use and adoption of them. Second, we are making it easier for teachers and students to access critical resources while reducing the workload of IT staff. And third, we are giving districts the power and flexibility to enable safe social networking.”

“Schoolwires PassKey Manager will allow our district’s website and community management platform to become the true hub of our entire community by providing all of our district stakeholders with single sign-on access to the online services they need anytime and anywhere,” said Robin Smith, Education Technology Specialist, Hollidaysburg Area School District, PA.

PassKey Manager also offers secure storage and utilization of encrypted user identities and passwords, keeping sensitive and personal information secure, and eliminating the need for users to maintain a list of their passwords posted near their computers. In addition, PassKey Manager provides districts with the data to track which online services are being utilized and which services are most requested, providing them with information to make more effective decisions about technology, implementation, and adoption.

About Schoolwires, Inc.

Schoolwires is a leading provider of community-based solutions that accelerate K-12 district and student success. Through its revolutionary Centricity2 platform, Schoolwires brings together the industry-leading website and community management solution, a powerful and unprecedented community engagement engine, along with a technology ecosystem that allows a district’s critical technologies and resources to be integrated within the Centricity platform for ease of access and accelerated adoption. Built upon the proven and award-winning Centricity website and community management solution used by over 1,300 school districts and educational entities, the Centricity2 platform enables turn-key integration of pre-configured Schoolwires applications, including SynergyTM Digital File Sharing, AssistTM Service Request Management and PassKey ManagerTM. Through its many deep and long-term district relationships, Schoolwires works with an estimated 7 million users across the nation. Schoolwires is recognized by Inc magazine as one of the top 20 fastest growing private education companies across the nation for four consecutive years. Schoolwires ranks in the Inc. 500|5000 as the 1,202nd fastest growing private companies after achieving Inc. 500 status overall for two consecutive years. Schoolwires Inc. ( is headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, USA.

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