CHICAGO, IL (DATE)—As many educators and students have learned, StrataLogica combines the dynamic 3-D mapping data of Google Earth with Herff Jones | Nystrom industry-leading educational content. StrataLogica presents it in an interactive and collaborative 21st century learning environment. The product continues to be adopted by an increasing number of districts and schools.

In Google’s official StrataLogica video on YouTube, you will learn how StrataLogica came to life, why partnering with Google Earth was a perfect fit for Herff Jones | Nystrom, and how it is changing the way teachers teach and students learn about geography, history and current events.

Don Rescigno, director of marketing at Herff Jones | Nystrom said, “To be truly innovative, you have to understand what you are trying to change. As century old educational publishing company, we’ve been listening to the needs of educators for a long time. When we set out to change the way students learn about our world, we put focus on our customers—the teachers and classrooms we serve everyday.”

Visit the Official Google Enterprise blog to find out more and watch the official Google and StrataLogica video.


About StrataLogica Built on the Google EarthTM API, StrataLogica combines the dynamic 3-D quality of Google Earth with Herff Jones | Nystrom’s classic maps and globes on one layer plus its e-book atlases and interactive charts on others. All in all StrataLogica creates a powerful experience for the 21st century classroom. StrataLogica has been and continues to be featured at several education and technology conferences, specifically the Google I/O Conference in 2010. Recently it was named one of District Administrations Top 100 Products of the Year. Visit to get a free trial and learn more.

About Herff Jones | Nystrom Herff Jones | Nystrom plays a key role in classrooms everywhere with social studies products and solutions that enhance the academic experience and help students get the most from their education. Herff Jones | Nystrom maps, globes and atlases are found in classrooms and lecture halls alike. Our hands-on activity-based programs cover a range of grade levels, making learning more accessible and thought-provoking. Our new products continually demonstrate our commitment to keeping you on the forefront of technology. Visit

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