Sapling Learning ( and Textbook Media Press ( are collaborating to produce a digital interactive Economics homework product as a companion to Timothy Taylor’s Principals of Economics: Economics and the Economy, 2nd edition. Sapling Learning is a textbook and publisher independent interactive online homework and assessment software that provides an active, engaging learning experience for students and easy-to-use timesaving course management tools for instructors. Textbook Media Press seeks to cut the cost of textbooks while increasing their functionality by blending them with digital technology.

Principals of Economics: Economics and the Economy, 2nd edition, which is published by Textbook Media Press, is appropriate for college-level introductory courses in principles of economics, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Its first edition has been was used by over 150 instructors at 100 colleges. The recent revision, the 2nd edition, will include the Sapling Learning Homework Solution.

Sapling Learning’s Economics Homework Solution provides students using Taylor’s Principals of Economics with problem-solving practice and instruction that is customized to each student’s individual misconceptions. This includes engaging interactions relevant to the Economics discipline, such as having students produce graphs or shift curves to probe understanding of economics concepts.

For instructors, Sapling Learning’s support that is unrivalled in the publishing industry because it is provided by subject matter experts who possess teaching expertise and advanced degrees in Economics. They partner with each instructor for serving their curriculum, including setting up a course customized to the instructor’s syllabus and even authoring new questions upon request. Saplings software provides instructors with a detailed student performance statistics dashboard to facilitate educational intervention for individuals and classes as a whole.

Sapling Learning’s and Textbook Media Press’s collaborative co-marketing initiative includes a unique and affordable pricing schedule. The Taylor textbook is available in three media formats: online, PDF and paperback at prices than range from $12 for online versions to $33 for Principles paperback. Sapling Learning Economics Homework Solution is priced at $25 per semester and $40 for the school year.

This is the most affordable homework and textbook package on the market. The textbook offerings alone are 40% less than the leading competitors.

Timothy Taylor’s Principals of Economics: Economics and the Economy, 2nd edition was published in January 2011 and is available now. The Sapling Learning Homework Solution is in the final stages of production, and will available for Fall 2011 classes.

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Sapling Learning is a leading provider of interactive homework and assessment software for the Higher Education sciences. Since 2004, Sapling Learning has focused on providing students with rich, discipline specific interactions, such as molecule drawing and graphing, to promote engagement and comprehension in challenging problem-solving disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering. Sapling Learning provides instructors unprecedented flexibility to create and customize instructional content in an easy-to use, flexible, code-free environment. No other solution in the market provides the level of seamless integration of rich learning elements for both creating and learning scientific material.

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