eBackpack (eBackpack.com)—a secure, cloud-based location for teachers to store files, distribute assignments, and collaborate with students and colleagues—has partnered with School Webmasters (SchoolWebmasters.com), which builds and maintains highly professional websites for schools and also offers hosting and content management.

Both eBackpack and School Webmasters help schools use the Internet efficiently to improve communications and manage content in ways that enhance learning. eBackpack manages the internal relationship of teachers with their students and parents. eBackpack gives teachers a place to store and manage assignments as well as distribute homework, receive and grade assignments, and give feedback to students without having to shuffle paper or distribute materials via jump drives or email. School Webmasters is a leader in managing the external relationship between schools and the public by acting as a virtual webmaster providing top-to-bottom website creation and website management including graphic design and content generation.

Long known for their highly businesslike and functional websites, School Webmasters helps schools build positive relations with their school families and the general public. “School Webmasters makes it easier and less expensive for schools to develop and maintain a highly professional web presence that enhances their public image and improves communication,” said Bonnie Leedy, CEO of School Webmasters. “eBackpack and School Webmasters are both very dedicated to helping schools and educators succeed as cost-effectively as possible.”

“eBackpack solves the headache of moving files around by flash drives or through email. We make it easier for teachers to collect and manage assignments, improve student accountability, and increase parental involvement, which ultimately improves student achievement,” said Michael Zilinskas, CEO of eBackpack. “We are pleased to work with School Webmasters, which shares a similar vision.”

School Webmasters and eBackpack will co-market and combine their solutions to help schools enhance their web presence, utility and efficiency.

About School Webmasters
School Webmasters is a customer-service focused school web design and maintenance firm serving schools and districts throughout the U.S. This woman-owned company develops school websites, provides ongoing updates, and E-Rate-eligible hosting to hundreds of public, private and charter schools. School Webmasters offers a full line of services like teacher Web sites, secure Intranet sites, fund-raising and revenue generating programs for schools. Call 888-750-4556 or visit www.SchoolWebmasters.com.

About eBackpack
eBackpack, Inc. offers cloud-based file storage, file sharing, and file collaboration services at an affordable per user price of pennies a month and can be funded through E-Rate. It works on any internet-connected device and has special capabilities for an Apple iPad. eBackpack serves K-12 schools and districts across the U.S. with safe, secure and reliable tools for students, teachers and administrators. Learn more at eBackpack.com or call 214-461-0073.

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