AUSTIN, TX- July 13, 2011- The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) is proud to announce the expansion into the U.S. market of its distance learning Masters Degree programs through its Center of Postgraduate Studies in Business Management (CEPADE).

Broad Range of 21st Century Offerings
With more than 185 individual courses including Expert, Specialization, and Masters Degree programs in areas such as digital economy management, international marketing, e-commerce, e-finance, business law, social networking and virtual communities, CEPADE’s comprehensive palette of offerings address a broad range of 21st century employment needs.

Flexible and Global
CEPADE’s distance learning degrees are offered in both Spanish and English and are designed to fit the busy schedules of working professionals. Asynchronous courses, which don’t demand “real time” participation, allow learners the flexibility to work at their own pace and at times most convenient to them. Students can choose to attend year- round, or semester courses, and can communicate with instructors and other students from 22 countries through virtual communities, chat, video conferencing, and other media. This online learning “green” solution also means paper and traditional books are replaced with eco-friendly HTML and PDF documents, and virtual publications.

Cost Efficient
Without the restrictions of an on-site “seat time” requirement, the CEPADE option is also budget-smart, as students can acquire the same top-quality degrees offered by brick and mortar institutions with no interruption of their regular jobs, family duties or other obligations. Students also save money on transportation, parking, lodging, and other costs often associated with advanced degrees.

A Boost for Equity
With the vast, U.S. Spanish-speaking population significantly underrepresented in the area of higher education and advanced degrees, CEPADE’s entrance into the nation’s distance learning arena also offers a leg up for English Language Learners to compete in the global, digital economy. CEPADE UPM is excited to report that it will be opening its U.S. head quarters in Austin, TX, July 14th, 2011, bringing with it the prestige and passion for learning that has been continually recognized throughout Spain, the European Union and Latin America.

“The Polytechnic University of Madrid is recognized as a top-tier institution in Spain and I celebrate their efforts in bringing their business school, CEPADE, to the United States,” stated the school’s Chairman of the Board, Roy Nieto. “Because over four million individuals were enrolled in online, graduate programs last year and the number is steadily increasing, I know that CEPADE ‘s unique offerings for Spanish-speaking professionals as well as others, will provide the international and global flavor that professionals are increasingly looking for.”

“ It is with great pleasure that we bring CEPADE to the United States,” stated Dr. Antonio Escobar, Director of Instructional Relations for CEPADE. “ Because of our solid reputation in Spain and other European countries, we knew that bringing our program to the United States was a win-win situation for everyone. We are very proud to be the first Spanish-speaking Virtual Business School to offer top quality, global content in the United States.”

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Founded in 1971, CEPADE joined Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1996 as a result of the merger of a number of technical schools of Engineering and Architecture within Spain, many of which dated back to the 18th century. Overall the school is consistently ranked atop Spanish Universities, and among the top in the European Union. Learn more about the Madrid Polytechnic University at

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