DENVER, CO July 14, 2011 — Boulder Valley School District will be implementing the InterCLASS Classroom Management Software to their computer and media center labs throughout the district starting in August 2011 for the new school year.

After spending time researching various programs and utilizing the demo version of InterCLASS, teachers and several IT technicians felt that the easy-to-navigate layout and ease of use of the software is what made InterCLASS stand out against the competition. Also, teachers felt that InterCLASS provided all of the necessary features for them to have better control over their classroom set of computers. Administrators in the district were happy for the lower cost of InterCLASS, especially during this time of restricted school budgets.

By using InterCLASS, teachers in the BVSD will be able to keep a watchful eye on student computer program and Internet use as well as utilize the many functions the software has to offer for teaching their lessons. The team at KAMINARi Education is looking forward to working closely with the district as the company is also located in the beautiful State of Colorado.

While many of its functions mirror those of other management software, InterCLASS is the only software available that allows teachers to stream real time video from any AV device (DVD player, Document Camera, etc.) to each student’s desktop or laptop with its Live Video version. Several new features will also be available for Fall 2011 with a release of a new InterCLASS update.

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About InterCLASS Classroom Management Software
InterCLASS allows teachers to monitor their students in a classroom or computer lab environment as well as prohibit them from using certain programs or the Internet during class time. Other features of the software include: sending and collecting files, logging on to all of the student machines at one time, creating and delivering quizzes that are graded by the system, a student activity log to see what programs have been used and which websites students have visited and many other classroom management features.

About KAMINARi Education
Founded in 2002, KAMINARi Education Inc. integrates classroom technology with the best educational contents from around the world to schools and classrooms in North, Central and South America. As a company, KAMINARi Education continues to respond to the needs of both teachers and students and emerging technology in schools. They have fulfilled teachers’ needs for ready-made resources that are easy to integrate into classroom curriculum based on both State and National Standards.

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