Super Duper® Games and Software Win Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Children’s Products

Greenville, SC, July 18, 2011 – Super Duper® Publications, creators of fun educational products for children with special needs and language delays, ushers in summer vacation with kudos from Dr. Toy. Funzee™ Everyday Sounds Software; HearBuilder® Following Directions Software; Jeepers Peepers™ Ask & Answer Question Game; and Lid’s ‘n Lizards™ Magnetic Photo Game, all recently received the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children’s Products Award for 2011.

Founded by Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (aka: Dr. Toy), the Dr. Toy Awards have been recognizing the best children’s products for nearly 25 years. Highly regarded in the toy industry by parents, educators, and retailers, Dr. Toy’s lengthy criteria list and review process makes certain that the products chosen live up to the highest standards.

So, which Super Duper® products will children have fun learning with this summer vacation? Here are the Dr. Toy winners:

Funzee™ Everyday Sounds Software
Ages 4 & Up
With the help of Funzee™ the Zebra, children learn to identify the sounds that 60 common objects make. Filled with colorful photos and bright graphics, this software program has five different interactive games: match sound to photo and sound; match photo to sound; match photo and sound to sound; match sound to sound; and match sound to photo. When players identify the correct sounds, they may get to see Funzee™ dance. For a different twist, parents and teachers can print lotto or bingo boards for the players, choose “autoplay,” and have the program “call” the sounds in the various games. Funzee™ Everyday Sounds also tracks data for an unlimited number of children, prints progress reports, and even records the sounds and photos each child identifies correctly.

Webber HearBuilder® Following Directions with 40 Basic Concepts Software – Home Edition
Ages 4-9
Children will delight in learning as they become Master Toy Makers and build their own Toy Central Factories using the HearBuilder® Following Directions with 40 Basic Concepts software program. Working on each step-by-step task helps children gain and reinforce their knowledge of concepts in five key areas: Basic Directions, Sequential Directions, Quantitative and Spatial Directions, Temporal Directions, and Conditional Directions. This Home Edition of HearBuilder® Following Directions offers many different levels of play, progress monitoring, data tracking, progress report printing, and the ability for the parent or adult to add background noise at the expert level. Fun-filled motivational activities between sets of directions keep children involved, while HearBuilder ® helpers Kim and Joey wait to celebrate every child’s achievement with reward music, fireworks, confetti, and a printable reward certificate to mark their completion of the program.

Jeepers Peepers™ – The “Ask & Answer®” Question Game
Ages 5 & Up
Jeepers Peepers™ is the hilarious new game variation on the popular 20 Questions/What Am I? game. The key element of fun in Jeepers Peepers™ is that, without looking, a student places a photo card of an object or animal into a slot on a pair of goofy, round, over-sized glasses. Wearing these glasses, the student faces his/her classmates and, by asking a series of questions, tries to figure out what item is on the card. Every student takes as many turns as time will allow. Students spin an electronic spinner after each correct answer and earn tokens, and the player with the most tokens at the end of the game wins. Jeepers Peepers™ has been a hit with children and teachers alike because it is an irresistible way for kids to build their questioning, describing, categorizing, and problem solving skills (assuming, of course, that they can stop laughing long enough to keep playing the game).

Lids ‘n Lizards™ Game
Ages 4 & Up
This unique and fun approach to learning will surprise children as they pick up their L&L lids and discover magnetic photo objects underneath them – or their very own lizards. Lids ‘n Lizards helps children practice their vocabulary categorizing, describing, articulation, listening, and visual memory skills. To play, colorful photo magnets are placed under each nesting L&L lid, and the lids are then spread out on a table or floor. Players take turns flipping the lids over and perform the tasks targeted by the teacher or parent for the game (for example, in a vocabulary game players would identify the object on the tiles — for a describing game, players would describe the objects, etc.) Children practice the target skill when they find a photo tile, and they “flip” when they uncover a lizard. At the end of the game, the player with the most lizards wins.

Founded in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber, Super Duper® Publications offers a wide variety of educational products for teachers, therapy professionals, and parents to use with children in the classroom, in a therapy setting, or at home.

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