Cool in School™— NEW Photo Fun Communication Game from Super Duper®

Greenville, SC – June 24, 2011 – Super Duper Publications introduces Cool in School, a new full-color, photo-based receptive and expressive language board game that teaches students basic and advanced communication skills in numerous areas of school life. Developed for ages 4 and up (Grades PreK – 8), Cool in School aims to improve students’ auditory comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary, sentence formulation, questioning, pragmatic, and conversational skills.

Cool in School has 144 full-color photo card scenes in 12 subject areas: Art Room, Cafeteria, Classroom, Computer Lab, Media Center, Music Room, Nurse’s Office, Office, Physical Education, Playground, Restroom, and Therapy Room. Each section has color-coded cards and there are 12 different scenes/cards for each area.

This game includes a double-sided game board. The “basic” side of the game board provides a simple, distraction-free playing surface, while the “advanced” side includes more involved graphics and directions. To play, the teacher asks a question and then shows a photo card to the student that relates to the question. If the player gives an appropriate answer, he/she pushes the electronic spinner, moves the game pawn along the game board, and collects “Cool” tokens that correspond to the number on the spinner. Carl and Cate, the Cool in School penguins, guide the activities by providing receptive (following directions and answering questions) and expressive (defining, describing, inferencing, and discussing) prompts that are on the back of each 5”x7” full-color photo card.

Cool in School also has six giant magnetic game pawns for students with limited motor abilities, six standard game pawns for older students, 65 “Cool” tokens, and an electronic spinner (Numbers 1-3).

Super Duper Publications creates fun educational materials for children with special needs and communication or language delays. The Super Duper website offers a wide variety of products for teachers, therapy professionals, and parents to use with children in a classroom, therapy setting, and at home.

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