4.Play catch up

“As technology coordinator, summer is the busy season. In 8 weeks every machine must be physically and electronically cleaned and refreshed. Every piece of software has to be updated, re-licensed, and/or cleanly installed. Old machines need to be recycled and new machines have to be setup. I can’t wait for September when the calls settle down to, ‘What was my password?’” – Mark Vanacore, Technology Coordinator, Albion Central School District, N.Y.

“I will be moving from a traditional classroom to a modular classroom because of major renovations being done at my school. In my current room, I have a computer that is all but anchored to the side wall with short cords (meaning that it can’t be moved to provide an LCD connection, an overhead projector, and probably thousands of transparencies to go with the projector. I will be going to a room with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, and I will be issued a SchoolPad. So my number one priority this summer is to convert my transparencies to PDF files and PowerPoints to use with the SchoolPad.” – Laura Wasem, Classics Department, Walnut Hills High School, Ohio

5.Know your resources

“Organize all the resources that I have so that I can actually implement them. I teach high school math and have created an Excel spreadsheet that lists the resources, chapter alignment, location of hard copy (if applicable) and the link to the electronic form. My list includes brain breaks and content specific activities. I have had good intentions of using these resources in the past, but because they were not organized I did not actually implement many. I have great hopes that this summer investment will pay off next school year.” – Kris Eshelman, High School Mathematics, Liberty Charter High School

“I use my summer to rejuvenate by learning, creating, and tweaking lessons and units. I take the time to nourish my love of reading by not only reading fiction, but also reading the technical books of teaching that the school year inhibits me from giving the concentration that is needed. Summer is also a time where I can quench my thirst of surfing to find new resources to use in units and lessons. These resources are documented on my portaportal (http://www.portaportal.com Visitor: ques2a) and placed in folders on my computer which I then insert into those lessons and units.” – Ellen M. Martin, Quarles Elementary School, Va.