6.Reflect and prepare

“Besides recharging my batteries, I rethink some of my plans, lessons, etc. that didn’t go as well as I had hoped. Were they really flawed or could I have done them another way? The feedback I get from the graduating seniors is invaluable.” – Ed Berry

“Lesson planning and classroom management of manipulatives, learning kits, videos, projects and themes. A summer ‘must’ is to think of creative ways and shop for things to enhance learning through field trips and resource people.” – Angenette Hill

“I am evaluating data for incoming 9th graders and conducting individual student interviews. The stakes are high and mastery in every course is critical for a child’s success. Spending a significant amount of time evaluating an individual’s test scores to provide proper placement can ‘make or break’ a freshman year. It is imperative at the freshman level to provide a foundation of confidence coupled with high expectations in order to prepare every student for a well-rounded high school experience that ultimately prepares them for college or career.” – Stephanie Thompson, FOCUS Freshman Principal, Austin East High School