BLOOMINGTON, IL – The FTC Family of Companies has just launched the long awaited companion product to their MyVRSpot online publishing and multimedia sharing system: Multimedia WorkSpot. With the Multimedia WorkSpot, FTC is positioning itself in the forefront of multimedia creation, editing, and sharing in the K-12 space.
Multimedia WorkSpot allows users to edit video, images, and audio files, as well as create digital stories utilizing built-in transitions, special effects, and text overlays. “The greatest thing about Multimedia WorkSpot is that it completely levels the playing field when it comes to students’ creative works. As the students use the WorkSpot tools at school, they have the exact same set of tools available to them when they are at home, the library, or even a friend’s house”, says Michael Kessler, CEO of FTC Family of Companies. “With a completely web-based system for video editing and multimedia creation, the creative learning no longer stops at the end of the school day, but now is available with anytime/anywhere access to upload, create, edit, share, and collaborate”, he adds.

The Multimedia WorkSpot is a fully integrated application into the MyVRSpot system. MyVRSpot acts as an online multimedia repository for the school or district, where teacher and student users alike can upload, share, and collaborate online. The backbone of the MyVRSpot system is the safety and security tools that keep all student work in a safe and secure environment that is completely controlled by the district or school. Student users are driven to this disguised learning environment due to the use of social tools such as Buddy lists, multimedia voting, and the “Hot List.” In addition, Multimedia WorkSpot includes a built in feature that allows users to capture video, audio and pictures directly from their computer webcam, giving them yet another level of personalized content creation that can be used for activities such as video podcasting.

“Multimedia WorkSpot is truly an outside of the box approach to providing video editing in the cloud, due to the minimal system requirements needed to run the editor”, says Zach Lancaster, Vice President of Development for FTC. “After extensive development, we feel that the system caters to the needs of users looking to complete the most common video editing tasks. The goal was not to replace professional grade editing tools, but instead to provide the tools that our end-users actually use. At the same time, we needed our cloud-based system to be compatible with the hardware that schools and districts are currently purchasing, such as netbooks, tablets, and laptops instead of the beefy desktops that are required to run most video editing programs ”, he adds.

More than 350 school districts throughout the US are already using the MyVRSpot system to upload, share, and archive their multimedia in a centralized location. With the addition of the Multimedia WorkSpot, end users are now able to edit existing, as well as create new resources in the same familiar environment.

“The new Multimedia WorkSpot completely changes the game when it comes to working in the cloud. I really like its simplistic elegance – it has enough features to get the job done, without overwhelming the end user”, says Stan Silverman, Professor, Director of Technology Based Learning, School of Education, New York Institute of Technology.

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The FTC Family of Companies ( has spent the past 15 years developing and publishing quality educational products and services for K-12 schools and school districts. FTC Publishing develops install-based software and print resources including the award-winning GameIt! Interactive Game Series. FTC Hosting Services, featuring MyVRSpot and the new Multimedia WorkSpot, has been recognized for developing online systems that utilize technologies students use outside the classroom to enhance curriculum. WebFTC is the web-based software curriculum division of FTC, whose products include the award-winning WriteIt! Live system.

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