Munroe she was disappointed the district brought up the past.

Natalie Munroe has the legal right to teach in the Central Bucks School District and to continue blogging, district officials said Aug. 3, but they don’t know how many students the author of “crass and cruel” posts will have when classes start Aug. 29.

“While something may be legally right, it may not be ethically or morally right,” Central Bucks High School East principal Abe Lucabaugh said. District officials spoke about the matter for the first time since the English teacher’s reinstatement became public last week. She had been suspended in February after blogging about her students.

“The decision to do the right thing does not rest with the…district,” he said. “Mrs. Munroe is afforded legal employment rights. The decision to do the right thing lies in the hands of the person whose very hands created this controversy, Mrs. Munroe.”

Superintendent N. Robert Laws said, “We’re not here to ask her to resign. We’re reacting to the situation that she created…We’re working within the legal parameters.”

Paul Faulkner, the school board’s president, said it was “not in the best interest” of the district’s 95,000 taxpayers to dismiss Munroe and face a costly legal fight.

In an unusual move reserved for “when egregious or unique factors are in play,” the district is allowing students to opt out of Munroe’s 11th-grade English and debate classes at Central Bucks East, Lucabaugh said.

About 60 students have made such requests, and more are expected to do so through Aug. 19, when schedules will be available, Lucabaugh said. “I suspect this is only just the beginning.”