Ten common myths about teaching

6. Teachers are solely responsible for learning.

“Teachers alone are not responsible for your child’s learning. Parents need to play an active role [by] following up at home with study skills, health, nutrition, and reducing time spent watching TV and playing games!” —Lynette Jackson

“Parents believe it is a teacher’s job to teach everything to their children—from moral values to basic hygiene. It is my job to educate their children in a specific content area and to teach them how to use their minds and critically think. I am not their child’s best friend, nor am I a replacement for mom. I cannot raise their child for them.” —Michelle Turner

7. If you went to school, you know what teaching is.

“I think the most important one is that because you went to school, you understand teaching. I am not sure where this idea stems from; most people don’t feel that because they drive a car, they know everything there is to know about cars. But in education, it seems to be a common misconception that because you went to school, you know how to teach. We have policies and procedures made by people every day without any input from educational professionals, which just don’t make sense.” —Sherril Studley

Meris Stansbury

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