Ten skills every student should learn

6. Be resourceful

“To be independently resourceful. Students should learn how to find and use resources around them to assist in their learning. Finding things out on your own boosts your learning and makes it stick!” —Gabrielle Schoppa

“Resourcefulness: the knowledge of where to find the answers, ideas, information, etc.” —Kari Boyd-Peak, National Interagency Fire Center, External Affairs, BLM Fire and Aviation

“How to locate and verify information online. I teach high school special ed, where students believe anything they find in print. That is dangerous.” —Sue Kimmet, Sunburst Public Schools, Sunburst, Montana

“The one skill I want my students to walk away with is the ability to think critically to be able to find answers to whatever they need or want to know.” —Carrie Guarino, Montague Elementary School, Montague, California

“How to research information for any topic/item that they need information on. I strongly believe that knowing how to find the right information is more important than memorizing information that very likely changes rapidly.” —John Hough, technology coordinator, Shelby Public School District #14

7. Be accountable

“The skill I would like for students to learn is accountability/responsibility. Lifelong learners need to know their own capacity and what is out there to find and learn. Accountability/responsibility allows students to be lifelong learners.” —Don Lyon, assistant principal, Sturgis Brown High School, Sturgis, South Dakota

“Respect and responsibility.” —Robert J. Saielli, Young People’s Press, Inc., San Diego, California

Meris Stansbury

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