ACLU sues Missouri school district over internet filtering

The ACLU identified the schools it is contacting by working with the Yale Law School on the “Don’t Filter Me” campaign, which asked students to check to see if their schools are blocking content by having them look up LGBT sites.

The ACLU has no problems with schools blocking out sexually explicit content, but it says many schools are using filtering software to block sites that are purely educational. Block has said public schools aren’t allowed to limit access just because they disagree with a group’s viewpoint.

Rothert said several districts contacted as part of the recent campaign have changed their internet filtering settings.

“Most districts didn’t know their software was discriminating, and when it was brought to their attention they were pleased to fix it,” Rothert said during the phone interview.

He said it was his preference that the Camdenton school district made changes voluntarily as well, but that the organization was willing to go to court.

“Certainly it does take people refusing to comply with the law to create precedent,” he said. “I guess that’s the good thing about this.”

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