Ten things every new teacher should know

7. Learn to put your foot down.

“I wish education professionals would have told us that behavior management is probably the most important and challenging issue you’ll face in the classroom. It would have been nice to have been given a variety of solutions, tools, books, and websites to use once you are working in a classroom.” —Susan Jamieson

Problems occur as “…an inevitable by-product of the ‘behaviour management’ philosophy that has gripped the teacher-training establishment for the last decade or more. These hold that children have the ‘right’ to their feelings, and that the job of the teacher is to ‘manage’ them. All notions of a moral dimension—of right and wrong—have been swept away in a postmodern deluge of relativism. This, coupled with the fantasy that children of wildly varying interests and abilities could manage their own learning in the same classroom—all in the pursuit of some deluded vision of ‘fairness’—has left us with a generation of children who have grown up in a narcissistic mental cocoon furnished with the most meretricious manifestations of popular culture.” —Tom Burkard, visiting fellow, University of Buckingham, United Kingdom

6. Lashing out will get you nowhere.

“Screaming ‘shut up’ has absolutely zero effect on kids. In fact, it most probably signals to them that they have gained control and forced you into desperate hollering.” —Bob Longo, President, SchoolOne, Cleveland, Ohio

Meris Stansbury

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