Schools can earn points or cash for recycled technology products.

At a time when many school districts are forced to cut their ed-tech spending, some schools are able to purchase laptops, digital cameras, and other classroom technology through a national technology recycling program.

FundingFactory is a free program that encourages schools to recycle printer cartridges and cell phones in an effort to “go green” and earn rewards at the same time. Businesses and local community groups are able to donate their own used technology for a school or district’s benefit.

Every qualifying printer cartridge and cell phone has a value, and the value for all the collected items is deposited into a school’s online account. Schools can spend their fundraiser earnings in FundingFactory’s Rewards Catalog, or they can request a check.

More than 50,000 schools participate in the recycling program, said FundingFactory co-founder Sean Micheals, adding that the organization plans to add more eligible devices, including iPods and MP3 players, GPS units, and laptops, to its list of accepted products.

“If a school wanted to do a field trip or something that we really couldn’t offer in the catalog,” the cash option is useful, Michaels said.