New teacher evaluation framework promises to serve students, and educators, fairly

As we collaborated with the AFT representatives on the development of the framework, the superintendents were amazed at the union’s willingness to concede that ineffective teachers and teachers guilty of misconduct should be removed from the classroom expediently. We were pleased with their support of a 100-day time frame for misconduct and a school year for ineffectiveness.

Ultimately, the recommendations incorporated in the framework will need to be adopted and adhered to at the school district level. Systems under collective bargaining would need to incorporate this teacher evaluation and due-process structure into their agreements. Right-to-work districts similarly could adopt the provisions, absent negotiations. Many others will need to contribute their thinking to the process. At its national conference in Chicago, the National Education Association adopted a new policy statement on teacher evaluation and accountability that is similar to the AASA/AFT framework.

We look forward to collaborating with the AFT and the NEA toward implementing these new teacher development and evaluation guidelines, along with the accountability provisions, in school systems throughout America. It will be a major step towards true education reform.

Daniel Domenech is executive director of the American Association of School Administrators.

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