New York, September 7, 2011 – EasyBib has been working with Google products for over a year now, making the writing process easier for students. Now, in a brand new student-friendly enhancement, writers can associate their bibliography projects with a paper they are working on in Google Docs, directly from the EasyBib site.

The process is simple: Once the writer has logged in to the popular bibliography management service, they click the paper button from the projects section and from there, they can create a new Google Doc to associate to their EasyBib bibliography or they can link it to an existing document. Any time they log back in to their bibliography projects, they’re just a click away from the paper they’ve written in Google Docs.

More and more schools across the country have been encouraging their students to use Google Docs for their research papers and writing assignments since it’s accessible from any computer or smart phone and since different students can edit and collaborate on the same document in real time. Now, those writers can easily manage and share their paper and bibliography from either website.

“This great new feature piggybacks off our other integrations with Google,” commented Darshan Somashekar, EasyBib co-founder. “Previously, we made it possible to export a fully formatted bibliography to Google documents, and, of course, as part of the Google apps marketplace, the EasyBib app has now been implemented by hundreds of schools. This newest feature helps EasyBib to continue to integrate with the modern student’s workflow, allowing our 27 million users to access their completed bibliographies and papers from either website.”

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