New assessment and data management solutions for schools

DataDirector is a complete online assessment and data-management system that helps educators assess students’ skills, analyze results, and deliver follow-up support based on a prescribed intervention that is customized to each student’s needs. DataDirector allows users to compare multiple sets of data over time so they can target their instruction more effectively for any type of student, the company says—from struggling readers, to high performers, to special-needs students.

Riverside pointed to recent results from the California Department of Education showing that from 2003-08, the number of students who scored at or above proficient on state exams rose 31 percent in reading and 23 percent in math.

With a large population of students who speak English as a second language, the Santa Ana Unified School District faces significant challenges. The district has used DataDirector to give teachers timely feedback, allowing them to group students appropriately for tailored instruction.

“DataDirector is definitely impacting instruction and performance,” said Director of Research and Evaluation Michelle Le Patner. “When we ask teachers how the system is changing what they do, they say that it’s the fast turnaround that makes all the difference.”

Other assessment and data-management news

Renaissance Learning has released an app that lets students take Accelerated Reader quizzes in the classroom using iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches running on Apple’s iOS version 4.0 or later.

The app gives Accelerated Reader customers who use the hosted version of the software on the Renaissance Place Real Time platform the option to take AR quizzes wirelessly, eliminating the need for students to wait for limited access to classroom computers, the company says.

While anyone can download the app from of charge from Apple’s App Store, each device needs to be configured to work with a school’s AR Renaissance Place Real Time software in order to take quizzes. This maintains the integrity of the quizzing process by assuring that Accelerated Reader quizzes continue to be taken in a secure, monitored school environment, Renaissance Learning says.

STI has announced the availability of a new Graduation Tracking System that can send administrators an automated message alerting them when students are at risk of dropping out of school.

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