New film fights negative perception of teachers

Teachers’ unions have raised concerns about how such a system should measure an educator’s effectiveness, how much of a role students’ test scores should play in this process, and what the consequences of a poor evaluation should be. For raising these concerns, teachers have come to be seen by many as obstructing educational progress and putting their own interests ahead of their students’—a conclusion reached by the widely seen 2010 documentary film Waiting for ‘Superman,’ for instance.

“You can’t argue that education isn’t the most powerful profession in terms of needing the best, brightest, most energetic people—and to make their job even harder is amazing,” said Dearman. “I never thought that people who are in education would be viewed as filthy and money-hoarding.”

“People really do think that teachers work from nine to three, and it’s not that hard. I think we have to … try and turn that [perception] around, and show people the thousands of decisions that teachers are making [each] day … and how critical it is for them to be well trained and supported, so they can do a really good job,” said Calegari.

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