Central High makes student achievement, tech access its top priorities

Have you noticed an increase in student performance and/or motivation as a result of this technology use? If so, how?

Teachers can post homework and grades online, and that information also is available to students and parents. The transparency of Edline allows students and parents to monitor progress at any time. Homework assignments are automatically placed on the students’ calendars, making it easy to check when something is due. In addition, homework can be submitted and automatically graded within Edline, then exported to EasyGradePro Grades.

Students’ performance has increased with the widespread implementation of TurnItIn, as many teachers use it for paper submission.

In the library, ProQuest databases allow students to search authoritative sites as opposed to merely Googling the whole internet.

Student compliance is close to 100 percent, and parents are closer to 30 percent, although many parents access the system with their children. With the start of the new school year, we have begun an initiative to bring more parents online.

How do you use technology to streamline school administration and aid in decision-making?

Through Edline, which drives our Centralhigh.net website, we communicate by means of banner headlines, links, and graphics. Links to daily school bulletins are on the home page.

The ability to eMail the whole school community allows us to let everyone know about urgent news quickly. For example, in October 2010, a fire closed school for a day; we got the word out, in part, through Centralhigh.net.

Counselors use Centralhigh.net to inform students of opportunities, scholarships, community service, and so on. Sports eligibility lists also get communicated through Centralhigh.net. School policies, admissions criteria, and a host of other administrative information about Central High all have links through or on the home page of Centralhigh.net.

eSchool News Staff

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