Automated Account Management Tool Saves Schools Time and Thousands of Dollars Annually

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 04, 2011 — Pearson today announced that its automated identity management tool, CloudConnect, is now available for Google Apps for Education, a free suite of hosted email and collaboration applications for schools. For more than a year, schools have turned to CloudConnect to simplify and automate Microsoft Office 365 for education (Live@edu) account set-up and deletion. Now with its availability for Google Apps for Education, even more school districts can use this cloud-based solution to support their account administration needs.

“With CloudConnect, new students walk into the classroom, and their accounts will have already been created,” said Steve Curtis, president of the Data Solutions group of Pearson. “Valuable time and resources are saved and teachers and students can focus on important business of teaching and learning rather than having to spend time and energy ensuring that new student accounts are provisioned.”

At schools without Pearson’s CloudConnect, IT administrators need to spend time manually creating and updating accounts every time a student or staff member changes status, grade level, schools or leaves the district. CloudConnect connects seamlessly to the school’s student information system, Google Apps or Office 365 application and creates new accounts, removes old accounts and updates current accounts as needed, automatically and in real-time.

Depending on location, schools can experience up to 30 percent mobility1—students moving to new schools, districts or states each year. CloudConnect saves approximately 150 hours or $18,000 of IT and administrative labor per year for a district of 10,000 students with the typical migration and population growth rates, based on Pearson estimates.

Using standards-based interoperability, CloudConnect will work with any school or district’s existing technology infrastructure—providing the industry with a highly flexible and convenient solution. Additionally, CloudConnect is available in a local or cloud-hosted version, depending on the needs of the existing data environment.

CloudConnect is available at the state, district and school levels. States can easily add new schools and districts as needed.
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