Readers: These 10 education policies need to go

6. Grade levels based on age

“Remove the idea that all children learn at the same rate and dismantle K-12 grade concepts. Instead, students should have to master (80 percent or higher) core concepts before they are moved to the next level. Having access to various software, students can be ‘grouped’ by their skill level. For example, a person could be doing level 1 math, but level 2 reading.  Grouping students on age is passé.” —B.J. Pacio, MA Ed. Admin.

5. Seat-time requirements

“We have to eliminate seat time and Carnegie units and replace them with competency-based learning.” —Gisele Huff

4. Rules for auctioning off old equipment

“Most districts require that ‘old’ or replaced technology be … auctioned off. I wish that [policy makers] could allow the school the discretion to give single units away to at-risk students who don’t have computers at home. There is no compelling reason that the hobbyist who comes to the auction should be able to walk out with 35 computers for $40 when 35 students could equally benefit. We have the technology to scrub the drives, and high school clubs or classes could reinstall Linux or some free OS and free learning tools on the machines. It seems a waste of resources, based on a time when computers were far more expensive and model procurement was more of an issue than it is today.” —Scott Horan

Meris Stansbury

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