Founded by an experienced team of mathematicians and game specialists in the United Kingdom, Mangahigh is a free, games-based K-12 math teaching resource, where students can learn and practice math skills via “purpose-built … games that balance fun and learning,” according to the website. Each game covers certain learning topics and is designed to adapt in difficulty to the ability of each student dynamically, to ensure that students stay in their zone of proximal development. All Mangahigh games have a meta-objective that the players strive to achieve by repeating a simple step over and over again. By overlaying the game mechanic with the core learning concept, “we’ve invented the new and more efficient way of learning for the new generation,” the site’s creators say. The site is targeted toward students ages 7-16, and its games are based on the Common Core standards. Educators receive their own login, where they can track the progress of their students.

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Jeff Festa