Intuitively, a child’s academic performance is likely higher if he or she has highly educated parents, and lower if the child has less educated parents. A new report confirms that’s true, but reveals that American children of poorly educated parents do a lot worse than their counterparts in other countries, reports the Huffington Post. Income mobility just within the U.S. has significantly declined since the mid-90s, according to the Boston Federal Reserve. But the Pew Economic Mobility Project takes this a step further by asking, “Does America promote mobility as well as other nations?” Researchers in 10 countries took to analyzing socioeconomic advantage as a function of parental education. They found that a child’s economic and educational status is more affected by parental education in the U.S. than in any other country studied. Using a basic metric, researchers studied performance gaps on vocabulary tests among five-year-olds with highly educated parents, moderately educated parents, and poorly educated parents. Among the English-speaking countries studied, the American gap between children with highly educated parents and poorly educated parents was the widest, while the Canadian gap proved to be the most narrow…

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