District leaders, state leaders, and teachers disagree about their satisfaction with LMS and SIS solutions and training: District leaders and teachers are generally satisfied with their SIS solutions, but state leaders are not. District and state leaders said that a wide variety of training is available to encourage the use of data in classroom practices, but teachers said training content is weak and does not provide the necessary information to help them best combine data and instruction.

District leaders, state leaders, and teachers all agree that both SIS and LMS solutions do not fully meet their needs, and they cited aspects of the current educational culture that present barriers to increased use of data in the classroom, which ultimately affects student learning.

More details will be released with the full survey results, but Anderson said the groups do have some suggestions for teachers and education leaders.

District and state leaders should:

  • Revise SIS/LMS training programs to better address the areas of most need to teachers, which are: (1) actionable methods for translating data from SIS/LMS solutions into classroom practices and lessons, and (2) shortcuts and tricks that decrease the time needed to enter and extract data.
  • When considering a new solution or modifications to an existing solution, develop solution requirements and enhancement requests that present data in simple dashboards and reduce the number of screens and clicks necessary to collect and retrieve data.

Teachers should:

  • Initiate discussions within their teams and professional learning communities to brainstorm more effective training and professional development options for using data in the classroom.
  • Use information in the forthcoming reports to recommend training opportunities and academic programs for teachers and students.
  • Aggressively seek training, both formal and collaborative, on their respective SIS and LMS solutions and in using and interpreting classroom data.

Ann Ware, a project director at CoSN, said schools can use the information in the forthcoming Gartner reports to spur the formation of communities of practice, which will help school leaders and teachers learn how to use the data found in SIS and LMS solutions to strengthen classroom instruction.