Petition calls for more eRate funding

“It makes sense to take funds from the Connect America Fund and to allocate them to the eRate program, enough to make the latter a viable solution to the student and community access part of our country’s broadband problem,” said Harrington. “Allocating funds from the Connect America Fund will not require any new taxes, making it the perfect solution to a serious problem at a very difficult time.”

Funds For Learning has posted the open letter, presentation, and additional background information online, and the eRate consulting firm is encouraging others to sign the online petition in support of this initiative (click here to sign the petition). Funds For Learning plans to deliver the signatures to the FCC in early 2012.

“Over $4.6 billion in eRate requests have been denied for no other reason than the program ran out of funds for the given funding year,” said Cruzan. “There are many schools that are in desperate need of technological upgrades, but are short-changed simply because of a lack of funding. The FCC has the resources needed to close this divide, and we are encouraging them to do so.”

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