10 holiday wishes for administrators, teachers, and students

"If I could give just one gift to my faculty, it would be renewal in the faith of our profession," said one reader.

Although the holidays are a time to show others how you appreciate them, the tough economy is giving administrators and teachers a challenge in showing their support for their peers and their students.

In a recent Question of the Week,” we asked our readers: “’Tis the season to be giving! If you could give just one thing to your students/faculty/peers/school or district, what would it be?”

And while the thought of receiving large cash bonuses no doubt crossed everyone’s minds, readers not only were very practical with their holiday wishes, but seem to understand exactly what their peers and students are going through in these tough times for education and the economy in general.

Here are 10 our readers’ best responses. To share your own gift ideas, leave them in the comments section below.

1.“If I could give my students anything, I would wave my magic wand over them and give them the gift of becoming life-long learners. It wouldn’t make any difference how technology would change; they would find a way to explore new and exciting topics.” —Faye E. Manyak, grade 5 social studies teacher

2.“If I could give just one thing to the children in my district, I would give them all a box of food.” —Lila Goodgame Udell, Florida

Meris Stansbury

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