Opinion: Elementary school teachers impact a child’s earning potential

My son’s fifth grade teacher was just biding his time. He was scheduled to retire in a few months, but by the activity in the classroom you would think he already did, says Sylvie Branch for Yahoo! News. Now, I generally do not complain about teachers since I am one myself and I know how hard the job can be, but his behavior warrants evaluation. Virtually no homework was assigned, the class watched an inordinate amount of videos, while the teacher ate Doritos or took a cat nap and A’s were easy to come by. Does one bad teacher make a difference? A large new Harvard University study found that elementary school teachers are more instrumental than you may think in guiding the future of their students. The study followed 2.5 million students over 20 years tracking the teachers they had in contrast to their educational, social and economic progress…

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