Researchers debate gaming’s effects on the brain

Bavelier and Green also wrote there’s no black-and-white answer to the question of whether video games improve cognitive function because there are millions of games and hundreds of genres that can be played on various devices including computers, consoles, and cell phones.

“Simply put, if one wants to know what the effects of video games are, the devil is in the details,” they wrote.

Two more scientists questioned by the journal also cited studies showing positive results. Two others wrote that effects on the brain and behavior are “uncertain” and that studies have not generally showing gaming enhances higher level reasoning.

Duke University cognitive neuroscientist Marty Woldorff said he falls in the middle between Boot and Bavelier. He said some of her findings have been replicated but others have not.

“The jury is still out,” Woldorff said. “This is how science works.”

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