Free iPad® Application for Schools from Brainchild
Content available for grades 1-8 for math, language arts, and science.

Brainchild announced today that during January schools can download one of its award-winning Achiever! iPad apps free of charge. Achiever! includes math, language arts, and science for each grades one through eight. Schools can choose one subject and one grade level. Brainchild’s website provides a link to iTunes for downloading the Achiever! environment. Passwords are then provided for downloading the application of their choice. The offer is available exclusively to schools.

“There is a huge difference between consumer educational programs and the structured programs with reporting that schools require. By downloading a fully functioning application, educators will see exactly how the software works so they can make a proper evaluation,” said Jeff Cameron, Brainchild’s president. “They need to experience the simplicity of the user interface and examine the content carefully. A partial demo just can’t accomplish this. We are confident that once they see their students using Achiever!, they will come back for other grade levels, or for our Core Concepts Common Core series.”

Priced at $29 per iPad, the software can be used in the iPad only or it can be integrated with online assessment and reporting. For each standard, students will take a pretest to establish their baseline scores. If scores are low, students can watch instructional videos and work through the program’s Study mode with immediate feedback for self-paced instruction. Post tests on each state standard measure progress. Brainchild’s patented GlobalSYNC technology allows student’s work to be synced with online reports for data-driven instruction.

Brainchild also provides professional development and support for districts wishing to establish measurable goals for their mobile learning programs.

About Brainchild:
Brainchild, Corp. is a Florida-based company for standards-based online assessment, instruction and reporting tools helping students reach and exceed learning objectives. In addition to its Achiever! series built individually for each state or Common Core, Brainchild also manufactures Kineo® and the Study Buddy, mobile learning devices built specifically for classroom use. Call or click for more information: 800-811-2724 or visit Follow Brainchild on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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