Watch: Bishop slams public schools: Hitler and Mussolini ‘Would love our system’

Religious leaders in Philadelphia are frustrated with the battle over school choice, to the extent that Harrisburg Bishop Joseph McFadden says fascist leaders Hitler and Mussolini “would love” our education system, the Huffington Post reports.

In totalitarian governments, they would love our system,” McFadden told WHTM-TV. “This is what Hitler and Mussolini and all those tried to establish a monolith so all the children would be educated in one set of beliefs and one way of doing things.”

In response, Andy Hoover, legislative director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, notes to the Scranton Atheism Examiner that public school systems don’t indoctrinate children, as they are told to be neutral on matters of religious belief, whereas Catholic schools can teach Catholic faith…

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