Pioneer in Digital and Mobile Technologies to Showcase Stunning Programs That Re-Imagine Textbooks, Transform Learning

Orlando, Fla., January 24, 2012 – Thanks to a partnership that pairs the genius of Apple with Pearson’s research-based proven education programs, students everywhere will now be able to control their own powerful learning experience with the swipe of a finger. Stunning four-color interactive pages add extraordinary depth and wonder and inspire students as they pinch, stretch, tap and drag beautiful illustrations, animations, content, video and photos to master their subject matter on the iPad.

At the FETC in Orlando January 23-26, Pearson will showcase the first wave of high school multimedia texts re-imagined for the iPad: Miller & Levine Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Environmental Science, with Chemistry and Algebra 2 following in a few weeks.

Pearson School’s CEO Peter Cohen said, “When iPad was introduced less than two short years ago, we immediately realized its fantastic potential for learning. This past fall our team worked side-by-side with Apple re-creating the textbook as a 24/7, always-on learning experience—delivering compelling layers of instruction brilliantly illuminated with color, video, 3D animation and powerfully interactive images.”

Extraordinarily beautiful and engaging, the iBooks are built on Pearson’s decades of proven expertise and efficacy research in teaching and learning. Now available in Apple’s iBookstore, they represent a powerful new learning model with self tests and boundless opportunities for personal exploration that will transform the education experience.

Pearson will be working with schools to track student performance with the new iBook on iPad.

A pioneer in leveraging digital and mobile technologies to improve teaching and learning, the new iBooks are the newest addition to Pearson’s wide range of mobile learning solutions, including Dash, the company’s award-winning app that gives teachers mobile access to multimedia learning materials and personalized lessons; the recently released PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students apps; and others that range from full curricula to interactive games and study cards. For more information, go to; to purchase, go to

At FETC, company leaders will also be debuting the Pearson Reading Maturity Metric, a new and more accurate measure of the reading difficulty of texts. Developed by scientists at Pearson’s Knowledge Technologies group to support the literacy goals of the Common Core State Standards, the computer-based technology measures how close an individual student’s reading abilities are to what they will need to be to succeed in college and careers.

Other innovative and award-winning learning solutions from Pearson that educators will have a chance to see at FETC include:

digits – the middle grades Common Core math curriculum that combines anytime, anywhere web-based applications with point-of-use interactive whiteboard resources
Prentice Hall Writing Coach – a digitally-driven grammar and writing program for grades 6-12, providing personalized coaching for every student
MyLabs – online homework and tutorial programs – proven higher education offerings now customized for high schools
OLE – Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange, which connects teachers to thousands of learning objects, videos, animations and photos to help them customize their lessons and teach their own way
Interactive Science – a K-8 next-generation program that makes learning personal, relevant, and engaging
myWorld Geography – a middle grades social studies program that blends technology, hands-on activities, and a student text
Waterford Early Learning’s Interactive Whiteboard Lessons – online learning for grades preK-2
Prentice Hall High School Math’s interactive digital path – technology that’s changing the way students see and learn math
PowerSchool Studio Edition – a platform for connecting the dots between data, content and achievement
Teacher Compass – streamlined teacher observations and differentiated professional development
PowerTeacher Classroom Management System and teacher app – the latest technology for true standards-based grading
Schoolnet –Instructional Improvement System (IIS) that helps schools increase student achievement and teacher effectiveness
SuccessMaker – a personalized digital learning program for elementary and middle school learners
WriteToLearn – web-based literacy tool
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