Opinion: ‘Gilded Cage’ of bureaucracy affixes stereotypes to teachers

The Daily Caller reports a millionaire public school teacher in New York is keeping his lucrative paychecks and adding to his pension despite being kicked out of the classroom, Owen Rust for Yahoo! News reports. Even worse: The man could have retired four years ago at age 62 but is keeping his “job” to mess up the school system. The “iron cage of bureaucracy” that often seems to doom teachers everywhere to a life of state-mandated drudgery, consisting of lack of academic freedom and rigid bureaucratic oversight, can also pay off big for a few lucky bad apples. According to the New Yorker in 2009, there were over 600 teachers languishing in New York’s controversial “rubber rooms,” officially known as Temporary Reassignment Centers. The school district’s teachers’ union, United Federation of Teachers, requires teachers accused of all manner of inappropriate or incompetent behavior be allowed to defend themselves in arbitration. This expensive and time-consuming process gums up the works and keeps bad teachers from getting the boot…

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