CoSN 2012: Empowering decision makers

CoSn 2012 will explore the changing world of education.

Mobile devices and Web 2.0 participatory applications have become pervasive, yet our educational system is still based on an outdated industrial age model. The Consortium for School Networking’s (CoSN) 2012 conference, held in Washington, D.C. March 5-7, will reimagine what education can be in a world where learning is no longer confined to four walls and seven bells.

How can we create an educational system that is more participatory, more engaging and – most important – better at enabling each learner to move at their own pace? How do we move entire institutions to leverage mobile devices and transition to digital resources? And, how do we do this in a time of deep economic crisis where the new normal requires us to “do more with less?”

In the recent book, A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change, Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown argue that exploring play, innovation, and the cultivation of the imagination are the cornerstones of learning. They create a vision of learning for the future that is achievable, scalable and grows with the technology that fosters it and the people who engage with it. At the opening plenary, Thomas will frame a new concept of learning and then engage in an interactive conversation moderated by Karen Cator, director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education. Noted superintendent Mark Edwards of Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina will respond to this vision and how it meets reality in a school system.

On The Horizon: Harnessing Emerging Technologies in Education, will feature the first-ever joint teleconference spotlight session at the CoSN, SITE and SXSWedu conferences.

What have been the most important learning technologies of the past decade, and how do we use them to reimagine learning today and tomorrow?  Join CoSN for a compelling and interactive session that looks back over a decade of findings from the highly influential Horizon reports by the New Media Consortium.  What can we learn from these annual reports on emerging technologies for learning, and how should they inform the actions of teachers, administrators, colleges of education, policymakers and the private sector?

Thanks to Life Size, this session will link audiences at the CoSN Conference (Washington, D.C.) with SITE and SXSWedu (both in Austin, Texas).   Join in this historic conversation that links leading education technology leaders, innovative teacher educators, and cutting edge innovators.

Don’t miss the CoSNx Keynotes, a series of short visionary and action-oriented talks on reimagining learning. John Seely Brown, co-author of A New Culture of Learning, kicks off the conversation. Bailey Mitchell, CoSN’s Chair and Chief Technology and Information Officer of Forsyth County Schools in Georgia, describes the district’s innovative Bring Your Own Technology initiative.

Nichole Pinkard, DePaul University associate professor in Interactive Media, founder of the Digital Youth Network, and co-founder of YOUmedia, explores how technology can link formal and informal learning.

Attendees also will hear from Institute of Play’s Arana Shapiro, Co-Director of School at Quest to Learn in New York City. Shapiro will tell audience members about a dynamic school using challenging, immersive, game-like learning experiences for students.

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